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The USAfur Personals Lobby

USAfur is the international website for bears and hairy guys, and their admirers.

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Latest Updates
tankd tankd 53 Jersey City New Jersey
doctorloves69 doctorloves69 57 Minneapolis Minnesota
LuvBIGMEN LuvBIGMEN 47 Los Angeles California
KodiakBearTX KodiakBearTX 44 Refugio Texas
Eraslean Eraslean 58 Amsterdam Netherlands
FunSized FunSized 24 Gray Georgia
Socalsurfer Socalsurfer 65 Encinitas California
BeefyButtMunch BeefyButtMunch 51 Boston massachusetts
Latest Logins
ea53 ea53 65 Abbeville Alabama
gymgo gymgo 57 Fort Lauderdale Florida
longlines10 longlines10 60 Manassas Virginia
TyroneLuvsDick TyroneLuvsDick 21 Toledo Ohio
Nupollos Nupollos 26 Dublin Ireland
sports_lover sports_lover 59 Queens New York
toolz toolz 69 Atlanta Georgia
Bhug3996 Bhug3996 57 St. Louis Missouri

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