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USAfur is the international website for bears and hairy guys, and their admirers.

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fitbottom4u fitbottom4u 50 Hamilton Ontario
seekmasculinetops seekmasculinetops 56 Charleston West Virginia
gearbrux gearbrux 47 Brussels Belgium
rickdickerson rickdickerson 45 Binghamton New York
tbaypaul tbaypaul 58 Dunedin Florida
Notsimplyorange Notsimplyorange 24 Lynnwood Washington
MarcT MarcT 40 Roseboro North Carolina
tartt tartt 45 New York New York
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gymgo gymgo 59 Fort Lauderd Florida
masfixob masfixob 48 Norfolk Virginia
superbuilt superbuilt 63 Canton Ohio
BiBearFan BiBearFan 60 Richmond Virginia
spandexhombre spandexhombre 25 Orlando Florida
Freeballer Freeballer 64 Columbus Georgia
huntinmuscle huntinmuscle 51 Baltimore Maryland
funone funone 47 St. Robert Missouri

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